Preparing for Your CCNA Exam – Psychologically

Preparing for your CCNA Exam – Psychologically

When test-taking, perhaps the most important thing you could do for yourself is be prepared psychologically. This may sound simple but in reality it is not.

Why Prepare for CCNA – Psychologically

Taking a test is very stressful. This stress is actually part of the exam. The exam vendor wants to test how you do under pressure. The clock ticking on your screen when taking your exam may seem innocent, but in fact it’s there to make your exam more stressful. This is just one example of the things that make passing your exam that much more difficult. Fortunately, if you know these things in advance, you can anticipate and plan for them so you can be completely prepared psychologically before taking your exam.

How to Prepare for CCNA – Psychologically

Here are some things you should know or do to be prepared psychologically for your exam:

  • Ignore the Clock. Well, not entirely, but don’t let the clock distract you. Glance at it every 10 questions or so to see how you are doing on time, but don’t focus on it. And definitely don’t watch the time count down when you are taking a short break in between questions!

  • Ignore distractions. Of course there will always be distractions (like the guy coughing next to you). The key is not focusing on the distractions. If you feel yourself getting distracted, close your eyes, take a deep breath and start again. Do this as often as you need to stay focused on the task at hand.

  • Don’t get hung up if you don’t know an answer. Every exam has questions that seem nearly impossible. Remember you don’t need to get all of the questions right in order to pass. Pick your best guess on the hard questions and move on.

  • Don’t get tricked by the wording of questions. Sometimes, if you read too much into a question, you’ll choose a different answer. In this case, generally going with your first instinct is best.

  • Expect the Unexpected. What should you do if something goes wrong? What if your monitor shuts off, your mouse stops working or your computer freezes? Simple – Don’t panic and go straight to the testing administrator and ask for help.

Final Preparation for CCNA Exam

Once you have done all of the above, you need to ensure you review a solid CCNA cheat sheet right before you take your exam. This will give you the final edge you need to get your CCNA on your first attempt – we guarantee it 100%!

Physiology – Preparing for an IT Certification Exam

Physiology – Preparation for IT Certification Exam

If you’re like most test takers, you probably have a lot riding on your exam. You could need to pass your exam in order to receive a raise, a promotion or to improve your credentials and marketability in route to your next job opportunity.

Not Physiologically Prepared

All of these things leads to plenty of stress and anxiety for you while preparing for and taking your exam. You need to ensure you are as physiologically ready as possible prior to taking your exam. If you are ready physiologically, your body and mind will be best suited to answer the questions correctly the first time

How to Prepare Physiologically

Here are some things you should know or do to be prepared physiologically for your exam:

  • Control your breathing. Take deep breaths as often as you need. Count to 5 during your exhales. Proper breathing is key to staying calm and relaxed.

  • Close your eyes. If you feel yourself becoming stressed, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a location you find very relaxing. Maybe you want to visualize yourself on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean with the waves gently crashing against the side of the ship. Imagine whatever works best for you.

  • Stretch often. Keeping your muscles relaxed is very important. Most importantly, stretch your neck, shoulders and upper back. Do this as often as you need. Sitting at a desk staring at a computer monitor can easily cause uncomfortable muscle tension.
  • When You are Physiologically Ready

    Once you are physiologically ready to take your exam, take a relaxing day the day before your exam. If you can take the day off from work and spend it laying on the beach or in front of a pool, go for it. Even better, take a vacation day. After all, once you pass your exam, you will be much more calm and be able to take more vacations than you ever imagined before!

Cisco Certification Exam Secrets

Cisco Certification Exam Secrets

To give yourself the best chances of passing on your first attempt, it’s important to know as much about the testing procedures as you can before taking the exam.

What Cisco Doesn’t Want You To Know

Here are Cisco Certification Exam Secrets that Cisco doesn’t not want you to know:

Cisco Secrets

  • Many exams are not scored out of 100 points. Some exam vendors, for example, grade their exams on a scale of 300 to 1000. If the passing score for an exam is 750, most people equate that to a 75 (meaning you need to answer correctly 3 out of ever 4 questions). However, there’s really only 700 points that can be earned (1000 minus 300). So a 750 score means you’ve earned 450 out of a possible 700 points (equivalent to roughly a 64/100). Big difference!

  • Exams sometimes have hidden “Beta” questions that are not scored. If you receive a question that is overly complex, strange or just different than the other questions on the exam, there’s a good chance you’ve hit a “Beta” question. “Beta” questions are not listed as such so you don’t know which ones they are. However, they are not counted towards your exam score. Testing vendors use this technique to try out different questions to see how many people answer correctly before adding them into the exam as “real” questions and counting them in your score report.

  • Not all questions are scored the same. There are many different types of questions on exams. There are multiple choice, drag-and-drop, free-text (commands), and simulated (click-based) questions, just to name a few. Each of these could be worth a varied amount of points. Usually, the most complicated the question, the more points it is worth.
  • Pass Your Cisco Exam

    Now that you know all of these secrets, the next step is to take and pass your Cisco Exam. If you are looking to start by taking your Cisco CCNA exam, be sure to download a top-notch CCNA Book and CCNA Cheat Sheet so you are ready to pass right away!

IT Exam Testing Center Secrets

IT Exam Testing Center Secrets

The two primary testing providers for IT certification exams are Pearson Vue and Prometric. Within each of these providers, there are many participating testing centers at which you can take your exam.

Things Testing Centers Don’t Want You To Know

Here are some things the testing centers do not want you to know:

  • Time slots for taking your exam are not overly enforced. It’s important to schedule your exam for the time you think you will be ready to take the exam. Officially, if you are more than 15 minutes late for your exam, the testing center does not have to allow you to take the exam and you will not receive a refund. However, this policy is tied to the testing center itself which is run independently from the testing provider. If you will be late or early, simply calling the testing center and let them know. Unless they are very busy with candidates that day, normally it will not be a problem to take your exam earlier or later in the day. The exam, however, must be taken during the same calendar day as it was scheduled for it or the exam fee will be forfeited.

  • Exam content (questions and your response) are stored on a server at the testing center. This is important to know because many times the computer you are using to take your exam will hang up during your exam. If the computer locks up, the first thing you may think is that all of your responses are lost and you will need to retake the exam again. Luckily, this is not the case. Since the exam questions and answers are actually stored on a server, simply rebooting your workstation will allow you to restart where you left off. However, never reboot the workstation yourself. Always inform the testing center administrator of your problem and let them resolve the issue for you.

  • You can request to have your seat changed. If for some reason you aren’t happy with where you are sitting (for example, if the guy next to you is coughing and sneezing constantly), you can ask to have your seat moved. Each testing center usually has multiple computers that are allocated for a particular testing provider (Pearson Vue or Prometric), so you can usually move your seat to an alternative workstation if you are uncomfortable using the one you were originally assigned.

CCNA Dumps – Beware!

CCNA Dumps

The Internet is a great place to find just about anything, and CCNA Dumps are no different. Quality CCNA certification study materials are hard to find, but there are many things you must consider before using CCNA Dumps. It is very important to be careful when deciding what materials to use to prepare for your exam.

What are CCNA Dumps?

There are many places on the Internet that will sell “practice exam questions”. Some people have reported that these “practice exam questions” are sometimes materially identical to some of the actual exam questions they receive on the exam. Aside from being morally wrong and borderline illegal, going down this route can be potentially disastrous for your certification career.

Where to find CCNA Dumps?

CCNA Dumps are not hard to find. You can simply google for the term “CCNA Dumps”. However, there are much better resources, both short-term and long-term, that you should use to study for your CCNA certification exam.

Reasons NOT to Use CCNA Dumps

Here are some reasons why you want to stay far away from CCNA Dumps:

  • Exam Vendors know when you’ve used these materials. It’s not very hard for exam vendors to determine when you’ve used these materials beyond a reasonable doubt. If an exam vendor believes you’ve used these materials, your certification can be revoked and you may even be banned for life from ever acquiring that exam vendor’s certifications again.

  • It’s just wrong. When you tell people you are certified, you’ll want to feel proud of your accomplishment because you’ve earned it.

  • You won’t be prepared to use the skills if you didn’t actually learn them. Once you are certified, employers will expect you to be an expert in the topic areas for which you are certified. You’ll need to have the skills to support any certification you’ve attained.

  • It’s simple enough to pass the “right” way. We’ve made it extremely simple for you to develop a plan and pass your certification exam. Don’t use materials that may jeopardize your certification career when you can attain the accomplishment with pride, dignity and confidence.

Alternative to CCNA Dumps

If you want to get certified and feel confident and good about how you attained your certification, use a rock-solid set of CCNA study materials created specifically to help you pass your CCNA exam quickly and easily on your first attempt. These materials are so effective, we offer a 100% guarantee you will pass on the first attempt!

CCNA Exam Strategies – CCNA Test Taking Strategies

CCNA Exam Strategies

CCNA Exam Strategies are essential when taking any exam, and technical exams are no different. Here are some very important CCNA Test Taking Strategies you can use to give yourself the best chance of passing your CCNA exam on your first attempt:

CCNA Exam Strategies – General

  • Start with the best CCNA Exam preparation materials. We aren’t talking about lengthy books or worthless practice exams. We are talking about the best, highest-rated CCNA Study Guide and CCNA Cheat Sheet available anywhere. Start by using the best content you can get and your path to Cisco CCNA Certification will be much smoother, quicker and easier.

  • Keep your eye on the clock. Do yourself a favor and do some quick math before your exam begins. If you have 2 hours to answer 120 questions, you know that’s about 1 minute per question, so pace yourself properly. Also, if you are halfway through your test and have about half the time remaining, you are on an acceptable pace. If not, speed up or don’t rush depending on how much time you have remaining.

  • Show up early. Most testing centers will allow you to start your exam if you get there early, but not all will allow you to take the exam if you get there late. Show up early and avoid the extra stresses associated with rushing to get there on time.

CCNA Test Taking Strategies – Multiple Choice

  • Think of the answer before looking at the available choices. This will help avoid a tricky answer throwing you off.

  • Read all of the choices before making a selection. Many times you will find a “better” answer by reading all of the choices.

  • Eliminate answers you know are incorrect. By narrowing down your choices, it helps you remain clear and focused so you can choose the correct answer. It also helps give you the best odds if you need to “guess” at the best response.

  • Watch for “all of the above” and “none of the above choices”. For questions that have answers that state “all of the above” or “none of the above”, do not choose “all of the above” if you know one of the choices is incorrect and do not choose “none of the above” if you know one of the choices is correct.

Other General CCNA Strategies (If All Else Fails!)

  • Watch for Positive vs. Negative choices. While not always the case, if given the choice of a positive response or a negative response, the positive choice is more often the correct answer

  • Watch for answers with more information included. Again, while not always the case, if given the choice of an answer with more information included than the alternative responses, the answer with more information included is more often the correct answer.

Preparing for CCNA Exam

Preparing for CCNA Exam

Everyone knows it’s important to be confident in your approach to preparing for CCNA exam since it is a technical exam. However, what some people don’t realize is it’s just as important (if not more important) to be prepared mentally as it is to be prepared technically.

How to Prepare for CCNA Exam

Most people know they should prepare for the Cisco CCNA exam before taking it for the first time. Where people get stuck though is figuring our what exactly to do to prepare and to be confident before the testing day.

Where to begin with Preparing for CCNA Exam

Of course, preparation starts by knowing your stuff backwards and forwards. If you are confident in the material being tested, it’s easier to relax to be prepared mentally.

Know Your Material

Get yourself a good CCNA Study Guide and know the content cold before taking the exam.

Aside from the technical preparation, here are a list of things you should do to prepare yourself mentally before taking your exam:

  • Know the Testing Center. If you’ve never tested there before, do you know how to get there? Do you need to print directions? Once you get to the building, do you know what floor number the testing center is located on? Do you have a name and phone number of a person you can call for information in case you cannot find your way to the testing center?

  • Know the Exam Details. You should know the exam name and number, know how much time you have to take the exam and know exactly what your strategy will be if you aren’t sure of the answer to a particular question.

  • Know the Exam Format and Structure. Can you skip or mark questions and return to them later? Are the exam questions multiple choice, single answer or some other variation? If there are multiple correct answers, will the question indicate how many correct answers to choose?

  • Know how the Exam is Scored. Is the exam scored out of 100 points? Or is it scored on a sliding scale with scores ranging from 300 to 1000? You should also know what the passing score is for the exam you are taking.

Or you can always take the easy way out and leverage our Cisco CCNA Shortcut!

Certification FastTrack

If you want to become certified quickly and easily, and simply don’t have 50-100 hours to study, you need a Certification FastTrack. A Certification FastTrack is a quick and easy 3-step process guaranteed to get you certified on your first attempt!

Step 1: Download a copy of the exam outline. Copy and paste the outline into a spreadsheet or word processor program in table format. Add rows and adjust the column sizes such that you will have room to make notes under each of the exam topics. Save and print the outline.

Step 2: As you study, take notes in the blank sections you created under each exam topic. Ensure you do not leave any sections blank since all sections will be tested on your exam.

Step 3: Review your notes immediately before you take your exam.

We’ve also made it easy for you by already doing Step 1 and Step 2 by creating study notes for you. By using these notes, all you need to do is Step 3 – review the notes and take your exam. We’ve already helped hundreds of people pass their certification exams using this exact method with these exact same notes! We are absolutely certain that with these notes, you will pass on your first attempt – guaranteed!

The key to this method is that it is mapped precisely to the exam topics, so you are spending your time studying only the things that matter. Some people feel you should study everything so you are fully prepared for whatever the exam throws at you. However, we know from experience that studying too much unnecessary information will cause you to not be able to remember the critical information you need to pass the exam. As such, our notes of specifically designed to help you pass your exams quickly and easily on your first attempt.

You can always request a 5-page sample of our CCNA study notes at any time.

Cisco Certifications Salary with No Experience

Cisco Certifications Salary without Experience

So you really want to figure out what kind of Cisco Certifications salary you can earn if you become Cisco certified? $50K? $75K? $100K? Try $125-$150K (or more!) salary (plus benefits), and that’s just for starters. Think I’m crazy? Let me explain.

Where do I begin with Cisco Certifications?

Employers today are interested in more than just what a candidate knows today. They are interested in a candidate’s ability to learn. By taking and passing your Cisco Certification exam (CCNA certification for starters), you are demonstrating to your prospective employer that you know how to learn. Employers view that as a critical factor in their hiring decisions. That’s why those individuals who are Cisco certified are often the first to get hired – even in a bad or tough economy!

How can I become certified TODAY?

It’s true that becoming Cisco certified is not easy for most people (unless you use our studying technique). But you must remember that the Cisco certifications will open up many doors for you that you wouldn’t have available to you without the Cisco certification. And if your goal is to ultimately become CCNP or CCIE certified, the CCNA certification lays the groundwork and provides you with immediate credibility to earn that $100K+ salary you deserve.

I only want a plan to “get rich fast”!

I should also mention that the latest CCNA-related information can be located on Cisco’s CCNA page, and PayScale had conducted a thorough CCNA Salary Survey.

I highly recommend you use our CCNA study guide and CCNA cheat sheet to become certified ASAP (pass your exam as early as tomorrow!) Time is money, and the faster you become Cisco CCNA certified, the faster you will be moving up the corporate ladder and cashing in on those super-sized paychecks!

Update: This is dated but there is a Salary Survey from Global Knowledge which includes information about Cisco’s CCNA certification.

Cisco CCNA Jobs in 2017 – $100K+

Are you searching for Cisco CCNA Jobs for 2017? Are you trying to determine the forecasted Cisco CCNA Job Market for 2017? Look no further, because you are in the right spot!

The job market is definitely looking up for Cisco CCNA certified people in 2017. The average job-seeker will find jobs paying $100K+, provided they have the right experience to back the certification.

Specifically for CCNA certified job seekers, the market is expecting a 14.5% growth in new opportunities this year as compared with last year. Employers have already started hiring again, as we can see many new employment opportunities through all of the open jobs posting active right now.

If you have already taken and passed your CCNA exam, congratulations! You are all ready for a fantastic career. If not, we can absolutely help you pass quickly (and easily).

Passing your CCNA exam, the first step up a pyramid of increasingly challenging certifications, demonstrates an extremely high level of technical expertise. Employers will likely ask, and will probably want to know, if you have any intentions of continuing onto more advanced and specialized certifications.

Once you have the CCNA certification and you start looking for CCNA Jobs, I would recommend you to visit the following sites

As you browse through the job postings on these sites, you’ll want to look for certain things to find the best CCNA jobs in 2017:

  • Cisco CCNA Jobs that have been recently posted
  • Cisco CCNA Jobs that haven’t been stagnant for more than 4 weeks
  • Cisco CCNA Jobs that don’t list unrealistic requirements
  • Cisco CCNA Jobs where a CCNA salary is listed that is not commensurate with the industry>
    • Finding a CCNA job may seem tough at first, but if you follow standard job-seeking best practices, you will find a CCNA job in very little time. The key is to find not just a CCNA job that will keep you satisfied for the near future, but one that will lead you to a very successful and lucrative career!

      Best of luck, and happy CCNA job hunting!