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At some point in everyone’s quest to attain CCNA certification, the search begins to find the very best gold-standard CCNA Book. Everyone expects that reading and studying from the highest-rated book that will assist you in attaining the highly-sought after CCNA certification.

Top CCNA Book

There are many books available as you know, most of which you can find simply by searching However, you may be surprised to know that a CCNA Book is not the fastest path towards certification. Sure, CCNA Books are a component of your overall study plan. But if you objective is to pass the CCNA exam quickly and easily, keep reading because there are better ways.

Create Your Own CCNA Book

We say to create your own CCNA book, but perhaps that’s not entirely accurate. What we suggest you do is study from a discrete set of study notes designed to help you pass your CCNA exam. This helps to focus your efforts only on the things to matter most to help you pass.

CCNA Certification Shortcut CCNA Book

If you don’t have much time or want to get CCNA certified quickly and easily, you need the CCNA Certification Shortcut we created for you. These study notes were designed to prepare you with everything you need to know to pass the CCNA exam and nothing more. Many other books have over 1000 pages, while our study guide contains just 130+ pages of jam-packed content you need to know to pass the CCNA exam.

Other Book Options

If you still would rather do it the hard way and read through a legacy-style CCNA book, here is another one we would recommend:

If you are looking for a little more than just a CCNA Book, this is a package that includes a complete network simulator. If you have time to spare, this is a good path to pursue to get real-world hands-on experience in addition to having just something to read.

The Fast and Easy Way

If you simply don’t have the time to read through books, or are just looking to put the final touches on your CCNA preparation, there is a much easier way. Just leverage our CCNA Certification Shortcut study notes we created just for people like you. We are so confident you will pass right away with our study notes, we offer a 100% guarantee you will pass on your first attempt! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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