CCNA Salary – Earn Big with Cisco CCNA

People often ask me about the average salary a Cisco CCNA certified individual makes. My answer is always the same – it depends! But on what? And what kind of CCNA salary can you expect? Keep reading…The answer might surprise you

If you do a google search for the average salaries for Cisco certified people, specifically those that are Cisco CCNA certified, you are likely to come across numbers ranging from $70,000 to $130,000. Note that these numbers are generally Targeted Annual Earnings (TAE), not just base salary. Most CCNA certified people have a compensation plan that includes many components of their salary, including:

  • Base Salary
  • Discretionary Bonus (usually offered at year-end)
  • Performance-based Bonuses (based on activities performed)
  • Commission on sales (related to presales support)

People also usually gain a sizable bonus just for obtaining their CCNA. In most companies, this bonus can range from $8,000 to $25,000. While this is not directly part of the CCNA salary, it is an important component. The bonuses are certainly not as high as those obtaining the CCIE certification, but many people targeting CCIE certification start with CCNA certification in their path to the higher level certifications. This is a great money-making strategy since in most companies, it allows you to get two bonuses along the way – one at CCNA, and one at CCIE! These just enhance your CCNA salary.

It’s very important to also mention that salaries are not the only “benefits” received from possessing the CCNA certification. Individuals that are CCNA certified are much more likely to be hired by employers in the first place. Additionally, those holding certifications are more likely to be promoted to higher-level positions (both technical and management tracks). This stands to reason because people that have taken the time and put in the energy to become certified have demonstrated more of an ability to accomplish difficult tasks. These qualifications and ability at consistently sought after by corporations of all sizes, and being able to demonstrate this through CCNA certification is a huge asset for you to have in your pocket, in addition to the CCNA salary you will earn!

While the CCNA certification is only one factor in driving up your ability to earn a mega CCNA salary, it’s a very crucial one that cannot be easily replaced with some other effort. Many other skills and experiences can be supplemented via other means, but it’s very difficult to explain to an employer why they should make an investment in someone that has not chosen to make an investment in themselves. On the other hand, it’s fairly easy in an interview to bring the conversation back to explaining to a prospective employer as to why they should invest in a person that believes in themselves enough to make the commitment to becoming Cisco CCNA certified and seeing it through to completion.

If all you are interested in right now is how much money you can plan to make in the industry, it’s fairly safe to say today that you can easily make over $100,000 total target annual earnings for a CCNA salary just by obtaining your CCNA certification. You will always have an opportunity to earn more as your experience level goes up, but it’s safe to say you can start earning big bucks by starting with getting your CCNA and starting to earn your CCNA salary. It’s worked for thousands of people before you, and it will work for you too!

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