Cisco Certifications Salary with No Experience

Cisco Certifications Salary without Experience

So you really want to figure out what kind of Cisco Certifications salary you can earn if you become Cisco certified? $50K? $75K? $100K? Try $125-$150K (or more!) salary (plus benefits), and that’s just for starters. Think I’m crazy? Let me explain.

Where do I begin with Cisco Certifications?

Employers today are interested in more than just what a candidate knows today. They are interested in a candidate’s ability to learn. By taking and passing your Cisco Certification exam (CCNA certification for starters), you are demonstrating to your prospective employer that you know how to learn. Employers view that as a critical factor in their hiring decisions. That’s why those individuals who are Cisco certified are often the first to get hired – even in a bad or tough economy!

How can I become certified TODAY?

It’s true that becoming Cisco certified is not easy for most people (unless you use our studying technique). But you must remember that the Cisco certifications will open up many doors for you that you wouldn’t have available to you without the Cisco certification. And if your goal is to ultimately become CCNP or CCIE certified, the CCNA certification lays the groundwork and provides you with immediate credibility to earn that $100K+ salary you deserve.

I only want a plan to “get rich fast”!

I should also mention that the latest CCNA-related information can be located on Cisco’s CCNA page, and PayScale had conducted a thorough CCNA Salary Survey.

I highly recommend you use our CCNA study guide and CCNA cheat sheet to become certified ASAP (pass your exam as early as tomorrow!) Time is money, and the faster you become Cisco CCNA certified, the faster you will be moving up the corporate ladder and cashing in on those super-sized paychecks!

Update: This is dated but there is a Salary Survey from Global Knowledge which includes information about Cisco’s CCNA certification.

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