How to Pass CCNA Quickly and Easily

Most people know of the benefits of becoming Cisco CCNA certified. The driver to many people is the salary that comes along with the certification. But we live in a world of instant gratification everyone wants everything right now and nobody wants to work hard for anything.

If you search google for "how to pass CCNA quickly", you find articles that describe various sequences of steps recommended by people that may or may not have actually achieved the CCNA themselves. You'll also find articles that talk through how to pass the older 200-120 CCNA exam (which is no longer current).

How to Pass CCNA

In this article, we will explain to you a very complete 10-step process for how to pass CCNA exam. You will also find information on how to optimize this process from 10 steps down to 1 step to pass your CCNA exam quickly and easily.

CCNA 200-125 Exam

It's very important that any guides you follow apply to the newest and current 200-125 exam.

Before we go into all of the steps you should follow to study for, take and pass your CCNA exam, there is a secret we will let you in on. We have set up a system to pass your CCNA exam in an hour or two, not 6 months or a year.

Tips To CCNA Certification Success

The key to success is to use a logical system and progress through each activity step by step. To pass on your first attempt, it’s critical that you do not skip any steps in the process.

Steps to Success for How to Pass CCNA

  1. Start by downloading the latest CCNA exam topics from Cisco
  2. Copy the exam topics (either using a sequence of copy/paste commands or manually retyping them)
  3. Paste the exam topics into an editor such as MS Word or Excel (we recommend using a table format if using MS Word)
  4. Reformat/structure the content such that it presents well in a display format. This can be difficult and time-consuming depending on the method of data extraction you’ve used, but is critical to having a functional document at the end.
  5. Once you have a viable format to use, review each topic one by one and assess how much you already know about each topic
  6. Create a space next to each section topic to add your notes
  7. Add your notes for topics you know a good amount about. Ensure you only enter content that you know is 100% accurate.
  8. Begin researching each topic to gain the understanding necessary to answer any questions related to that topic on the exam
  9. Leverage books, CBTs, knowledge bases, the Cisco website, study groups, instructor-led courses, DVD videos, educational blogs, exam prep courses and any other resources you can to develop comprehensive content for each of the sections tested
  10. Review your completed document several times before taking the exam

CCNA Shortcut – How to Pass CCNA Today

Note that if you do not have enough time to progress through all of these steps, we have created a CCNA Certification Shortcut you can use. This will allow you to skip steps 1-9 and start your final preparation today.

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