Physiology – Preparing for an IT Certification Exam

Physiology – Preparation for IT Certification Exam

If you’re like most test takers, you probably have a lot riding on your exam. You could need to pass your exam in order to receive a raise, a promotion or to improve your credentials and marketability in route to your next job opportunity.

Not Physiologically Prepared

All of these things leads to plenty of stress and anxiety for you while preparing for and taking your exam. You need to ensure you are as physiologically ready as possible prior to taking your exam. If you are ready physiologically, your body and mind will be best suited to answer the questions correctly the first time

How to Prepare Physiologically

Here are some things you should know or do to be prepared physiologically for your exam:

  • Control your breathing. Take deep breaths as often as you need. Count to 5 during your exhales. Proper breathing is key to staying calm and relaxed.

  • Close your eyes. If you feel yourself becoming stressed, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a location you find very relaxing. Maybe you want to visualize yourself on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean with the waves gently crashing against the side of the ship. Imagine whatever works best for you.

  • Stretch often. Keeping your muscles relaxed is very important. Most importantly, stretch your neck, shoulders and upper back. Do this as often as you need. Sitting at a desk staring at a computer monitor can easily cause uncomfortable muscle tension.
  • When You are Physiologically Ready

    Once you are physiologically ready to take your exam, take a relaxing day the day before your exam. If you can take the day off from work and spend it laying on the beach or in front of a pool, go for it. Even better, take a vacation day. After all, once you pass your exam, you will be much more calm and be able to take more vacations than you ever imagined before!

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