Preparing for CCNA Exam

Preparing for CCNA Exam

Everyone knows it’s important to be confident in your approach to preparing for CCNA exam since it is a technical exam. However, what some people don’t realize is it’s just as important (if not more important) to be prepared mentally as it is to be prepared technically.

How to Prepare for CCNA Exam

Most people know they should prepare for the Cisco CCNA exam before taking it for the first time. Where people get stuck though is figuring our what exactly to do to prepare and to be confident before the testing day.

Where to begin with Preparing for CCNA Exam

Of course, preparation starts by knowing your stuff backwards and forwards. If you are confident in the material being tested, it’s easier to relax to be prepared mentally.

Know Your Material

Get yourself a good CCNA Study Guide and know the content cold before taking the exam.

Aside from the technical preparation, here are a list of things you should do to prepare yourself mentally before taking your exam:

  • Know the Testing Center. If you’ve never tested there before, do you know how to get there? Do you need to print directions? Once you get to the building, do you know what floor number the testing center is located on? Do you have a name and phone number of a person you can call for information in case you cannot find your way to the testing center?

  • Know the Exam Details. You should know the exam name and number, know how much time you have to take the exam and know exactly what your strategy will be if you aren’t sure of the answer to a particular question.

  • Know the Exam Format and Structure. Can you skip or mark questions and return to them later? Are the exam questions multiple choice, single answer or some other variation? If there are multiple correct answers, will the question indicate how many correct answers to choose?

  • Know how the Exam is Scored. Is the exam scored out of 100 points? Or is it scored on a sliding scale with scores ranging from 300 to 1000? You should also know what the passing score is for the exam you are taking.

Or you can always take the easy way out and leverage our Cisco CCNA Shortcut!

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