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It’s January 30, 2013 and already the Cisco CCIE and CCNA certifications have topped the charts in terms of the most popular certifications for 2013. There’s still 11 months to go but it appears these certifications will continue to grow in popularity throughout the year.

But, just because these certifications are popular this year, doesn’t mean CCIE-certified and CCNA-certified individuals will not be in high demand. In fact, it indicates quite the opposite. Higher demand for certified individuals is what drives the popularity of the cerifications. Additionally, if your boss offered you a $25K bonus for passing the CCIE exam (or $10K bonus for passing the CCNA exam), you can sure bet that would make the certification more popular in most people’s books!

The CCNA and CCIE exams have not changed much in recent years. The key to passing the exams are the following:

1) Know your content.
2) Study, study and study.
3) Relax before you take the exam.

Most people that have used our CCNA study notes have passed the exam on their first attempt. In fact, we had 6 people just this weekend take and pass the CCNA exam. The CCIE exam, which is arguably a bit harder, was taken and passed by three people last week. These people also used our CCIE study notes.

If you want to enhance your career, earn extra money and set yourself above the rest in your industry, Cisco certifications are a fantastic way to do exactly that. Just remember – study right (user our notes) and pass the first time. Since we all know you don’t have the time to take the exam a second time, spend the few minutes now studying and pass the exam on your first attempt – guaranteed!

Best of luck for you in 2013!

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